The beer

Exceptional taste

alors, ça te goûte ?

T'as pas soif, toi ?

On en boirait pas une ?

Tu sens bien le goût amer de la TVA ?

Tu crois que ça m'irait des crolles ?

On est bien, hein ?

elle va bien avec de l'américain ?

Patron, la même chose !


The mix between 2 types of malt and 4 types of hop gives our beer a powerful taste and a particularly long aftertaste


A beer with a clear aspect, a splendid copper colour and a creamy and long-lasting froth


The perfect balance between the powerful bitterness of the first sip and the deliciously refreshing light citrus notes that follow



Non, Peut-être ! has a beautiful copper color, creamy froth and a taste that is both powerful and refreshing. We have no doubt that the perfect balance between the sharp bitterness of the first sip and the slight citrus touches that follow will delight your taste buds. It is what we call a noble product, brewed in the Belgian tradition, with 100 % barley malt.

The people of Brussels are very complex beings: what they say isn’t always literally what they mean. Our name is the perfect example of that. Literally translated, Non, Peut-être ! means “No, maybe” but it really means “yes, of course!”. It is a typical expression that you would hear all day and every day in Brussels.

Belgium is divided into three main parts : Wallonia, Brussels and Flanders. Our beer is the perfect embodiment of our national motto : L’union fait la force – Eendracht maakt macht – Unity makes Strength. Our beer has a typical Brussels name, it was created in Wallonia and it is produced in Flanders.

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